We're often asked about the cheapest way to book accommodation with us, it's a great question!

Proximity Waterfront Apartments accepts bookings from all major (and some minor!) online booking sites. However we encourage all our guests to book with us directly either by calling us directly, or using the BOOK NOW button on this website. Booking directly often gives you some increased flexibility when you need to make changes to your booking. In 99% of cases booking with us directly will be cheaper than using an online agent. If you find you are falling into the 1% category & your booking appears cheaper through a booking agent - please give us a call or drop us an email, we'll always look to match the price or better the price where possible.

Also, we advise all guests to bear in mind that when booking via online agents, some room types & floor levels may not be available through their sites. Booking direct with us gives you the best opportunity to allocate your apartment type & floor level to your needs.


Click the BOOK DIRECT BUTTON to make you booking today.